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Monday, November 22, 2010

Mr. Dot

Artist Statement:

         Imagine, if our eyes can only capture a single picture per minute. The only thing that matters to other people's eyes is that single moment of every minute. You can do potentially anything in that minute to perfectly portray yourself to others. For example, each minute, you can jump at the exact time that people can see. To others, you are flying! This is what inspired me for my shot film stop motion animation, Mr. Dot.


         Mr. Dot is a stop motion film with a playful taste of different interactions between objects in two and three dimension. The main character, Mr. Dot, is a black colored dot on a whiteboard. He never was satisfied with his current life. One day, he decided to set off for a new adventure.  Lost in his world, Mr. Dot travels from place to place seeking for something new in his life. By some dumb luck, he finds a strange hole that leads him from the two dimensional whiteboard into the three dimensional world. He meets new objects, slowly opening his eyes to the new world. What is going to happen?